As a part of our three-year Local Chapters Project, CSCA is offering (at least) five scholarships of up to $1600 each to help full- or part-time Canadian students attend our May 2018 conference: “From Sea to Sea … to Sky! Science and Christianity in Canada” The money for each scholarship will go toward paying the flights, conference fees, and lodging. We see these scholarships as an investment in the future of science and religion in Canada.

Application is open to any full- or part-time, Canadian, post-secondary student who is a member of the CSCA (basic student membership is free).

“Canadian” means:

  • A Canadian citizen studying anywhere in the world, or
  • Any student studying in Canada–regardless of citizenship.

Criteria considered will include:

  • the preparedness of the student for attending the conference
  • the reasons the student gives for their desire to attend the conference
  • the student’s course load
  • the student’s level of involvement with CSCA
  1. Students can either register for the conference now or wait until April to see whether they are accepted. (After March 15, the student admission rate increases from $62.50 to $75.)
  2. Apply with this online form.
  3. Students with winning entries, once selected, will
  • register (if they haven’t already) and attend the conference,
  • write and submit a short piece reflecting on the conference, or perhaps a specific part of it, emphasizing how they personally benefited in terms of their understanding of science-faith compatibility (500 – 1000 words, to potentially appear in our newsletter, etc.),
  • submit one one or more photos (in which they can be recognized) documenting their attendance at the conference (e.g. at the front entrance, with a major speaker, etc.–this photo should be suitable for publication in our newsletter and/or website), and
  • submit receipts for all expenses, which will be reimbursed with the scholarship funds after the report and photos are received (students must pay for everything in advance).
  • All expense receipts, reports, photos will be due two weeks after the conference ends.

Exceptional reflection pieces may be selected to appear in the CSCA newsletter and/or on our website! (The student’s last name can be removed upon request, but we will publicize winner’s names and schools.)

  • Can non-Canadians apply?
  • Can non-science students apply?
  • Are post-doctoral research fellows regarded as students? They are in some university systems.
  • Do we have to pay for the conference and everything up-front?
  • What if I am accepted for a scholarship but then cannot attend the conference? (e.g. missed flight)
  • I am technically finishing my program in April. Can I still apply?
  • I am a previous winner. Can I still apply?
  • I don't qualify for the student conference price because I'm not a full-time student. Can I still apply for the scholarship?
See “Eligibility” tab.
Of course! Part of a fruitful science-and-religion discussion is to take seriously input from people in fields other than science–particularly (but not limited to) seminary students.
No. While it is true that some universities might place post-doctoral fellows into the same category as students for human-resources purposes, for us “student” means someone who is taking courses and/or doing research and thesis-writing while enrolled in a degree program.
Yes, winners pay for everything up-front and are reimbursed afterwards (see “Procedure”). If you’re already paid for the conference, there’s no reason you can’t apply for our scholarship.
The CSCA is unable to reimburse any funds for money spent on flights (etc.) if the student does not actually attend the conference and comply with the other expectations given.
Certainly! The fact that you have won before will be taken into consideration, but it does not disqualify you.
Certainly! Applicant course loads will be taken into consideration, but any kind of Canadian student can apply.


Applications will be considered as they arrive, so apply early to guarantee consideration.

Final application deadline is April 1, 2018.

Previous Scholarship Winners

Applications will be considered as they arrive, so apply early to guarantee consideration.

Final application deadline is April 1, 2018.