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Any organisation with an online presence benefits significantly from face-to-face networking among its members and holding local events. The same is true of the CSCA. We have members spread widely across Canada, working in public and Christian higher education as well as in industry, medicine, government, and other contexts. As the summer wraps up and we enter a new season of activity, whether it’s the new academic year 2012-13 or re-connecting with co-workers after some scattering for refreshment and rejuvenation of travel and family time, let us find ways to meet together for fellowship, scholarship, and encouragement as Christians in the sciences.

The CSCA has established a number of local groups and contacts in various key regions. Local groups have been able to:

  • host local, national, or international speakers on science & Christianity
  • have fellowship meals and times of worship and prayer
  • network local scientists who were unaware of each other as Christians
  • develop courses and outreach activities

As CSCA members are also automatically members of the American Scientific Affiliation, we have the opportunity to tap into the ASA’s resources for local groups, which are called “chapters”. See the ASA web page under “Chapters and Groups” for a listing of chapters and on how to form a new chapter. No Canadian groups are officially ASA chapters at the time of this writing. However, the ASA is currently offering a $1000 credit (toward speaker expenses) for the formation of new chapters, and $500 for whenever a local group recruits six new members. In addition, there is (through September) a 25% discount on new memberships! So…what’s holding you back?

Over the summer we have collected contact information in various local regions. Please see if there is one in your area. In the above menu bar, click on “Contact Us” and then “Local Contacts” for a listing. If you are in a locale that is not yet represented, please consider becoming a local contact for your region, and use the ASA membership directory (available for CSCA and ASA members only) to establish further connections locally.

We are also working to ensure that all local events show up in the event listing on our web page (see under “Events” in the menu bar). This includes events organised and/or sponsored by CSCA or its members as well as other local events relevant to science and Christianity.

We hope that our new website can be a place where you will be able to connect with others in your area and hear about nearby events where you can be challenged and encouraged in your Christian faith and your scientific endeavours!

Arnold E. Sikkema
Vice President of CSCA

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