Looking Forward to Danielson on Copernicus

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I first encountered Dennis Danielson at my initial ASA Annual Meeting in the Denver area in 2003. He was a plenary speaker at that time, and he held the audience spellbound by his presentation. It has been a delight to follow his research and publications from that time on. He is a respected expert not only on Copernicus, but also his “sole pupil” and assistant, Rheticus. Dr. Owen Gingerich, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy at Harvard once mentioned to me how critical Danielson’s research on Copernicus and that era has been for the entire science and faith dialogue.

I urge you to review Dennis’s bio on the conference web page. You will get but a taste of this unique mixture of academic excellence on the history of science, the prize-winning research and writing, and perhaps foremost, how this English professor from UBC can fit right in with the “science and faith” crowd. I am truly looking forward to what Dennis will have to share with us.

CSCA is holding a conference dealing with science and Christianity in Canada at, and co-hosted by, Trinity Western University, May 11 – 14, 2018. This conference will include Canadians in science, speakers dealing with issues relevant to our theme, and talks on science and Christian faith in general. Info and registration: www.csca.ca/may2018

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