Stanley Park seawall in Vancouver, BC.

Q&A #31 – Kevin Hiebert (14 August 2023)

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For the past 50 years, the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation has facilitated discussions about science and Christian faith in Canada. As part of our 50th-anniversary celebrations, we asked 50 CSCA members to comment on their personal connections to science, scripture, and Canadian scenery. We will share these contributions throughout 2023 in the hope that you will find them engaging and encouraging.

CSCA member of the week: Kevin Hiebert, Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP).

1. Why did you choose your scientific discipline?

As a kid, I voraciously read computer and business magazines, so it felt natural to progress from a degree in Commerce to become an accountant, IT consultant and then IT manager. In my volunteer work over the years, I’ve built or enhanced websites and social media accounts for my church and other charities. By using technology to connect with each other and share stories of all kinds of challenges and successes, I believe that we can promote peace and understanding.

2. What is one of your favourite Bible verses and why?

In Hebrews 3:4 it is written, “For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.” Whether it’s a physical building (like the Menno Hall student residence and rental apartments that I’m participating in the planning to build) or an IT development where I work, I am grateful to God for creating and sustaining both the material and human resources necessary for the project.

3. Which Canadian city or landscape do you love exploring and why?

On Saturday mornings, I love to cycle around with my friends in Vancouver, BC — usually either through Point Grey to the University of British Columbia, along the seawall of False Creek, or around Stanley Park. Rain or shine, seeing the trees and the water is a refreshing way to breathe the fresh air and see God’s glorious creation!


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