Belicki at McMaster, “Forgiveness: Its Many Forms”

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Public Lecture at McMaster: Dr. Kathryn Belicki, “Forgiveness: Its Many Forms”

Friday 27 November 2015, 4:15pm

ABSTRACT: The call to forgive those who injure us is foundational to the Christian faith, and indeed all human relationships, but what does it mean to forgive? In this talk we will consider recent research findings that forgiveness can take many forms. For example, there is a current tendency for secular therapists to describe forgiveness as a means for the forgiver to feel better—essentially a gift to the self. Paradoxically those who forgive this way do not reliably feel better. Instead it is those who embody a more Christian form of forgiveness who are more likely to have the best emotional—and relational—outcomes.

SPEAKER: Dr. Kathryn Belicki is a Professor of Psychology at Brock University and Co-Founder of the Brock Forgiveness Research Group. She obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Waterloo, and is a registered psychologist. Later she obtained a Masters of Theological Studies from Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. She began her career studying dreams, which carried her to the study of nightmares, which in turn led to research on childhood trauma, and finally to the study of the very messy and complicated topic of forgiveness. Most recently she has come full cycle and is currently studying dreams following different forms of trauma.

LOCATION: McMaster University, Room A114, John Hodgins Engineering Building (South Entrance)

Please note: the 4:15 start allows for reduced campus parking rates commencing at 4.00

Presented by the Hamilton Science and Faith Forum and CSCA.

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