Megan Best, “Brave New World” (Public Lecture at McMaster)

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“Brave New World: Choosing Life’s End in the New Millennium”

Megan Best

SPEAKER: Dr. Megan Best is a bioethicist and palliative care doctor from Sydney, Australia. She studied medicine and has degrees in theology, palliative care, research and ethics and is currently working on a PhD at the University of Sydney. Her work focuses on the spiritual needs of dying patients. Best’s clinical focus is the development of a Palliative Care Day Clinic which aims to support terminally ill patients with advanced disease who wish to remain living at home. She is author of the books Fearfully and Wonderfully Made—Ethics and the Beginning of Human Life, and A Life Already Started.

LOCATION: Michael DeGroote Centre for Learning and Development (McMaster University, Hamilton), room 1307.

Sponsored by CSCA and the Hamilton Area Science & Religion Forum. This lecture, part of the conference From Cosmos to Psyche: CSCA ASA CiS 2014 Annual Meeting is open to the public.

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