Brown & Stackpole at TWU, “More Than Myth”

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The Vancouver Area Science & Religion Forum (VASRF) wishes to draw your attention to two evenings at Trinity Western University’s Northwest Auditorium. The co-editors of “More than Myth?: Seeking the Full Truth about Genesis, Creation, and Evolution” are speaking along with a panel including Ann Gauger (Biologic Institute), Casey Luskin (Discovery Institute), and Fr. Michael Chaberek (Thomas Aquinas College).
  • Feb 5: Paul Brown (TWU), “New Wine in New Wineskins: Changing the traditional categories in the Creation and Evolution Debate” (7-9pm; no charge)
  • Feb 6: Robert Stackpole (St. Terese Institute), “The Case for the Historical Adam” (7:30-9:30pm; $10/adult, $5/student)
For more information see & contact Paul Brown at the address listed there.


  1. This looks like a very interesting set of talks. If I lived on the west coast I would certainly attend. Any chance that they will be filmed and posted online?

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