Van Sloten at Ambrose: ​Knowing God as a Scientist

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FREE PUBLIC EVENT: Ambrose University, AAAS,, and the CSCA present a lecture by John van Sloten (Pastor, Teacher, & Writer).


John van Sloten
"​Knowing God through the Mind of a Scientist"

Wednesday | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm | Airhart Theatre, Ambrose University

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​Knowing God through the Mind of a Scientist

Even as the nature of nature says something about who God is, so too does the nature of a scientist. Scientists are made in the image of God. They “think God’s thoughts after him” (Kepler) and unpack a universe that God has made. This talk will explore the connection between the minds of astrophysicists, biologists, researchers, science practitioners and students, and the empirical mind of God.

John Van Sloten is a Calgary pastor, teacher and writer. For over 20 years he’s been living into a worldview that seeks to discern God’s voice in all things. John’s first book, The Day Metallica Came to Church; Searching for the Everywhere God in Everything(2010), looks for glimpses of God in pop culture. His second book, Every Job a Parable; What Walmart Greeters, Nurses and Astronauts tell us about God(2017), listens for God’s words at work. John has received two John Templeton Foundation sub-grants to explore preaching science and is currently part of a team working on an Ambrose Science for Seminaries grant.

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