Franklin in Winkler, MB: Why Christians Should be Interested in Science

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Providence University College, Providence Theological Seminary, and the CSCA are pleased to present Patrick Franklin (PhD, McMaster Divinity College) in a special evening with desserts and music!

Speaker: Patrick Franklin, Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics, Providence Seminary, Otterburne, MB. He is the Coordinating Book Review Editor for Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, our peer-reviewed academic journal, and he is CSCA’s contact person for the Winnipeg area. (more info. here)

Contrary to popular stereotypes that characterize faith and science as a war or a competition between believers and atheists, Christians in the early modern period contributed in crucial ways to the emergence of science and many contemporary scientists are Christian believers. These Christians tend to approach science as a way of worshipping and honouring the Creator by investigating the intricacy, beauty, elegance, and coherence of his creative work, our natural world. (Source)

For more information or to reserve seats, contact Melissa Bechard.

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