Janssen in Hamilton, Genesis vs. Genetics

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The Hamilton Science and Faith Forum and the CSCA present a public lecture by Luke Janssen (Professor of Medicine, McMaster University).

“Adam & Eve: Genesis Versus Genetics, and the Impact on Christian Theology”

Location: Hurlburt Hall (Room 136), McMaster Divinity College

Abstract: Church tradition has long held that humanity arose from two people living in a garden of paradise in the Mesopotamian basin roughly six thousand years ago. Scientists now have abundant evidence that the human population never numbered less than ten thousand, originated out of Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago, and descended from ancestors which we share in common with many other species. Is it possible to make these two starkly different worldviews agree, or do we have to choose one and discard the other? This presentation will summarize the fossil and genetic discoveries which support the scientific view, and then address the impact that this has upon many Christian theological tenets.

Luke Janssen is Professor ofLuke_Janssen Medicine at McMaster University. He has been doing scientific research for 30 years, and has over 140 published papers to his credit. He has also recently published two books on the subject of science and faith. He currently attends MacNab St. Presbyterian Church.

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  1. Great to hear locally in Hamilton.
    I am looking forward to meeting people there.

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