Chaired Panel at McMaster, “Playing God”

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The Hamilton Science and Faith Forum and the CSCA present a chaired panel at McMaster:


After 3.7 billion years of life, have we opened Pandora’s Box?

Modern science has made us capable of unprecedented genetic manipulation in plants and animals, and questions of how (or whether) we ought to do so in human DNA are quickly coming upon us. Join us for a lively panel discussion in which three thinkers will discuss this question from the perspective of their respective academic disciplines. Minister and Faith & Science Historian Paul Fayter will bring an historical and contextual understanding to bear. Geneticist and church elder Gordon Murray will review advances in molecular genetics since the 1950s and discuss the possibility of deliberately-directed evolution. CSCA Vice President, physician, and theologian Janet Warren will provide a theological angle for the exchange.

With refreshments!


Dr. Janet Warren
Physician, Theologian, Vice President — CSCA

Rev. Paul Fayter
Minister, Faith and Science Historian

Dr. Gordon Murray
Geneticist, Church Elder


Moderated by Dan Rudisill (Ph.D. Cand.)

Student and Early Career Representative,
CSCA Executive Council



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