Berg in Saskatoon: Biology & Behaviour

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FREE PUBLIC EVENT: The CSCA presents a lecture by Arnie Berg (M.Sc. in Bioinformatics, University of Saskatchewan).

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With desserts & beverages!

Biology and Behaviour: Are You in Control?

This presentation examines recent findings from biology and genetics, looking at how those discoveries have contributed to our understanding of human behaviour and the joint influence of nature and nurture. To an extent the talk has an educational component as it introduces the audience to some basic concepts in biology, with an emphasis on the wonder of God’s creation of life on earth. These concepts are then used to examine what effect genetics, epigenetics, and environment have on the human experiences of depression, violence, obesity, happiness, fear, risk-taking, sexuality, memory, friendship, and political tendencies. The talk is aimed at raising questions about to what extent our free will as humans is modulated by these factors, but also to illustrate what God’s role is in working in and through these factors. The audience should become aware of challenges they face in the media, workplace, and society, but also find their faith strengthened through a theological perspective of these same issues.

Arnie Berg (Computer Science degree, MBA, master’s degree in Bioinformatics) has enjoyed a lengthy career in software and computer system development and supplements his learning with keeping up on the latest developments in the areas of science and religion. He currently provides bioinformatics support to a DNA sequencing lab.

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