McEwan & Opperman in Saskatoon: Faith, Science & Dessert

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FREE PUBLIC EVENT: CSCA presents a special dessert evening with Mark McEwan (Project Development Officer, CSCA) and Tim Opperman (Student & Early Career Rep., CSCA).


Mark McEwan & Tim Opperman
"Faith & Science Conversation over Dessert & Coffee"

Friday | 7:00 pm | Ebenezer Baptist Church | No Cost

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Faith & Science Conversation over Dessert and Coffee

Join us for a special dessert evening and an opportunity to meet some of the top CSCA personnel! Mark McEwan, the Project Development Officer will be coming here from the CSCA Project Office Vancouver, along with Tim Opperman, a member of the CSCA Executive Council.  This fellowship is an open and informal evening to share some conversation with Mark and Tim, some videos, and of course, dessert. Mark and Tim will be drawing on content from their experiences speaking at CSCA events and conferences around North America. Topics discussed will include suggestions for thinking more fruitfully about science and Christian faith, some considerations for dealing with specific issues (e.g. biology and original sin), and more.

Mark McEwan (Masters of Theological Studies (cand.), ACTS Seminaries) lives in Surrey, BC with his wife, Krystal. He is the Project Development Officer for the CSCA’s “Local Chapters Project” (2016-2018).  His office is at Trinity Western University, where he is working to complete a Master’s degree in Theological Studies. He occasionally works at TWU as an sessional instructor for a science and religion seminar, and he sometimes teaches classes in the areas of apologetics and Christianity & culture. In addition to being a certified Electrician, Mark is qualified to teach physical sciences and mathematics at the secondary level. His academic interests include epistemology, philosophy, apologetics, and the fruitful interaction of science and theology. He feels especially called to serve Christ by encouraging responsible thinking in matters of theology, science, and especially with respect to interactions between the two.

Timothy Opperman (M.A. Theological Studies, Regent College) is originally from Edmonton, Alberta. It was in the prairies that he developed a passion for science and attended several schools in order to finish his Bachelor of Arts in anthropology at the University of Alberta. After several rounds of international travel, a few stints in Los Angeles, and one too many odd jobs, he moved to Vancouver, B.C. to enjoy the beaches, engage in stimulating conversations, and complete a Master’s of Arts in Theological Studies at Regent College. Timothy has been examining the interaction between science and religion since his early undergrad, with a specific focus on the evolution-creation debate, the evolutionary development of human personhood, bioethics, transhumanism, theological anthropology, and the origins of religious thought.

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