Smith, “Will Science and Faith Ever Get Along?”

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CSCA folks in Ottawa may be interested to attend a lecture by doctoral candidate Jesse Smith on how science and faith can better get along. This event will also be live-streamed.

Evening-Conference: Will Science and Faith Ever Get Along?

It has been 383 years since Galileo was forced to recant his belief that the Earth orbited the sun.  Still, even today the fuel heating the public debate between science and religion shows little signs of diminishing. Why is there a line drawn in the sand between the two domains, and who put it there? By looking at the way both sides define themselves we will better understand how they conflict with and complement each other. (Source)

Jesse Smith is a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University. His research focuses on the human soul and its treatment in postmodern theology and in the science/religion debate. Confessionally Baptist, his work interacts primarily with Anglo-Catholic traditions. Originally from the Maritimes, Jesse is now happy to call Ottawa home with his wife and son. (Source)

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