Science & Faith in Mississauga: TWU Recap of CSCA 2023

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FREE PUBLIC EVENT: Trinity Western University’s Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences and CSCA’s Vancouver chapter present a recap of CSCA 2023 (a.k.a. ASA 2023). This event is funded by a Supporting Structures grant from Scholarship & Christianity In Oxford) and CSCA.

Panel Discussion
Nov 02 2023

"Science & Faith in Mississauga: Vancouver Recap of CSCA 2023"

Thursday | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm | Neufeld Science Centre (Block Hall, room 148), Trinity Western University | With Refreshments

Science & Faith in Mississauga: CSCA 2023 Recap

This past summer, the Vancouver chapter was very well represented at the annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation, held together with the Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation for our 50th anniversary, in Mississauga, Ontario. Students from TWU, UBC, and Regent College attended, as did several current and retired faculty from TWU, as well as other CSCA members. The theme of this science & Christianity conference was “The Future of Science and Faith: Moving Forward Together.” Students and other attendees will reflect on their experience, presenters (including students and faculty) will give summaries of their talks, there will be a couple of panel discussions, and everyone can engage in Q&A and general discussion. Next summer’s conference is in Washington, DC.

TWU faculty attending this recap evening are Drs. *David Clements (biology and geography & environment), *Sam Pimentel (mathematics), Arnold Sikkema (physics), Judy Toronchuk (retired, biology & psychology), Jack Van Dyke (retired, chemistry), and *Bob Wood (physics). Students attending are TWU biology major *Sarah Demian and UBC computer science graduate student *Zhouzhuo “Joy” Liu, as well as recent TWU graduate *Mark McEwan (Master of Theological Studies).

Presenters (marked with * above) will give very brief versions of their conference presentations, and attendees are welcome to watch the full recordings at the links below.

Further information:

  • full meeting website
  • CSCA 2023 presentations
    • David Clements & Sarah Demian, “Rivers, Climate Change, and Invasive Species: Threatening the Land’s Lifeblood” – video
    • Zhouzhuo “Joy” Liu, “Beyond Negativity: Christians’ Multifaceted Perception of Sufferings – Insights from a Social Media Post Mining Study” – poster pdf
    • Mark McEwan, “The Dishonesty Objection to Christianity from Science” – video
    • Sam Pimentel, “Have You Entered the Storehouses of the Snow?” – video
    • Bob Wood, “Faith Integration and the Unification Paradigm in Theoretical Physics” – video

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