Science & Faith in San Diego: TWU Recap of ASA 2022

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FREE PUBLIC EVENT: Trinity Western University’s Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences and CSCA’s Vancouver chapter present a recap of ASA 2022. This event is funded by a Supporting Structures grant from Scholarship & Christianity In Oxford) and CSCA.

Panel Discussion

TWU students & faculty
"Science & Faith in San Diego: TWU Recap of ASA 2022"

Thursday | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm | Neufeld Science Centre (room A009 - lower level, north end), Trinity Western University | With Refreshments

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Science & Faith in San Diego: ASA 2022 Recap

This past summer, students and faculty from TWU attended the annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation in San Diego. The theme of this science & Christianity conference was “What Is A Human? Flourishing as a Person.” The students will reflect on their experience, the faculty will give summaries of their talks, and everyone can engage in Q&A and general discussion. Next summer’s conference is in Toronto, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation.

Faculty attending this recap evening are Drs. Myron Penner (philosophy), Arnold Sikkema (physics), and Dennis Venema (biology), and students attending are biology majors Spencer Funk (also a chemistry major), Laura Kelly, and Karissa Perry. Come hear about your fellow students’ adventures with this international science-and-faith organization.

Faculty will give very brief versions of their talks, and attendees are welcome to watch the full recordings at the links below. Refreshments will be provided.

Further information:

  • full meeting website (the key items are “Agenda” & “Attend Virtually”)
  • recordings of TWU faculty talks
    • Dennis Venema, “Adam, Eve, and Craig: An Interrogation of William Lane Craig’s In Quest of the Historical Adam” – video 
    • Myron A. Penner, April Maskiewicz Cordero, and Amanda J. Nichols, “The Science of Sex Determination and the Human Person” – video 
    • Myron A. Penner, “Doing Church Scientifically: Theological Implications of the Cognitive Science of Religion” – video 
    • Arnold E. Sikkema, “Modern Physics and the Human Person” – audio + visuals 
  • students’ video blog

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