Sikkema at Regent, Quantum Physics and Theology

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CSCA Past President Arnold Sikkema Ph.D physics, Professor of Physics and Chair of Mathematical Sciences at Trinity Western University) will be guest lecturer in Dr. Ross Hastings’s evening class at Regent College.

“Quantum Physics and Theology: Order and Disorder, Chance and Necessity”

Location: Room 10 (downstairs and straight ahead), Regent College, UBC

It isn’t unusual to some across popularizers of science who say that quantum mechanics supports a certain philosophy or worldview — The Tao of Physics and The Dancing Wu Li Masters are only a couple examples, promoting a sort of Eastern mysticism. But is it really valid to make such a connection? How would someone speaking from a Christian perspective address the science? CSCA Past President Arnold Sikkema will be guest-lecturing in Ross Hastings’s “Theology and Science in the Twenty-First Century” class at Regent College. Don’t miss this chance to hear a Christian physicist speak on theology and quantum physics!

Arnold is a theoretical physicist, with background in general relativity and condensed matter theory. His current research interests are in theoretical biophysics and in the Christian philosophy of science, particularly in the relationship between physics and biology. Since 1997 he has been involved in Christian higher education, and joined the executive council of the CSCA in 2011. Together with his wife Valerie (a professional horticulturist) and their three children born in the 1990s, they enjoy the many wonderful outdoor activities BC offers.

NB: This will be more in-depth than Arnold’s lectures on this topic given during our 2016 National Lecture Tour.


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