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This event finished on 23 March 2013

“Origins Today: Genesis Through Ancient Eyes”

John Walton

John Walton, Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, author of Lost World of Genesis One (Intervarsity Press, 2009), will be giving lectures in the Vancouver area Wednesday 20 March to Saturday 23 March 2013.

Walton’s work in Genesis 1–3 offers a fresh perspective on this complex issue by seeking to understand the message of Scripture within its ancient context.

A close reading of the Genesis creation account and an evaluation of its ancient Near Eastern setting raise the question of whether the Bible provides modern scientific information related to our understanding of the natural world (e.g., cosmology, biology, or human origins), or whether it offers a theological, rather than material, framework for thinking about the cosmos—for example, God made everything and is sovereign over it. This question in turn leads us to inquire whether today’s scientific conclusions regarding old earth, common descent, and parentage of the human race necessarily conflict with the Bible or theology.

Walton’s research and his energized presentations are rooted in his passion for drawing people into a better understanding of God’s self-revelation in Scripture. He focuses his research on the literature and cultures of the ancient Near East and the Old Testament, with a particular interest in Genesis. Before his role at Wheaton, Walton taught for 20 years at Moody Bible Institute.

Dr. Walton has authored many articles and books, including The Lost World of Genesis OneGenesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology, and Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament. His book on Genesis 2–3, The Lost World of Adam and Eve, is forthcoming from InterVarsity Press. He also served as general editor of the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary: Old Testament and co-author of the IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament.


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Co-sponsored by Origins Today, the hosting institutes and organisations, and Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation, Vancouver Area Science & Religion Forum.

*Abstract of Dennis Venema’s lecture, paired with John Walton on Friday at SFU and on Saturday in Richmond: Is evolution “just a theory?” Is “Mitochondrial Eve” the Eve of the Genesis narrative? Do we all descend from Adam? These questions have recently caught the attention of Christians interested in the interaction between science and faith. The Human Genome Project, and comparative genomics in general, have provided a wealth of information about how our species came into being. Two findings, in particular, are of interest to evangelical Christians: first, the confirmation that we share ancestry with other forms of life, and secondly, that our species arose as a population, not through an ancestral pair. This talk will discuss how evolution works as a theory in the scientific sense, and explore what the genome can tell us about human origins.

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