Warren at McMaster: “God’s Mind, Human Brains: Spiritual Discernment and Cognitive Processing”

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A public lecture with Dr. Janet Warren, Vice President of CSCA.

Hearing the voice of God is an important topic in Christian spirituality. This ability is mediated by our brains, yet discernment has seldom been examined in relationship to cognitive neuroscience. Historically, rational / logical / analytical processes have been favoured over intuitive / emotional processes, but the latter are being increasingly recognized as important in both discernment and psychology. This fun and informative presentation will consider spiritual discernment with respect to imagination, intuition and affections, and relate it to current psychological literature on intuition, perception and cognitive processing.

SPEAKER: Janet Warren (BSc, MD, MTS, PhD) is a Family Physician with an interest in mental health/psychotherapy. She completed her PhD in Theology (U. Birmingham) in 2012 and currently works as an independent scholar. One of her research interests is the integration of psychology and theology. Janet is VP of the CSCA, attends St. Peter by the Park in Hamilton, and, despite juggling two careers, always finds time for fun.

Presented by The Hamilton Area Science and Religion Forum and CSCA.

LOCATION: Room A114 John Hodgins Engineering Building, South Entrance, McMaster University.

DATE/TIME: Friday 23 January 2015, 4:15pm. (Please note: the 4:15 start allows for the reduced campus parking rates which commence at 4:00 pm.)

For more information, contact: Dr. Donald McNally, CSCA Executive Director 905.570.3006 or info@csca.ca. Or contact Dr. Michael D. Fallon fallonm@mcmaster.ca , Christian Reformed Campus Ministry, 905.525.9140 x24123

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