Warren at Providence: Addiction and Sin

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FREE PUBLIC EVENT: CSCA presents a fiftieth-anniversary lecture by E. Janet Warren (Family Physician; Independent Scholar; CSCA President 2016-2020).

50th Anniversary Presidential Lecture
Jun 16 2023

Janet Warren
"Something Has Gone Wrong: Commonalities Between Addiction and Sin"

Friday | 2:00 pm | Hanna Centre (Lecture Theatre), Providence University College

Something Has Gone Wrong: Commonalities Between Addiction and Sin

Addiction in its various manifestations, although prevalent in society, is a complex and incompletely understood condition. Interestingly, so is sin. Both involve more than simple choice, both can be described as larger than life, and both can be considered counterfeit means to ease discomfort. I suggest that understanding the behavioural/psychological aspects of addiction can inform our theological understandings of sin and vice versa. Considering addiction as a means to avoid emotional pain can shed light on our own sinful behaviours and guide those providing spiritual counselling.

Janet Warren (BSc, MD, PhD) was president of the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation from 2016-2020. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario where she works part time as a Family Physician and part time as an independent scholar in theology. Her medical practice has included extensive experience in mental health care and psychotherapy. She has taught theology courses on the Integration of Psychology and Theology, Ministry Research Methods, Current Issues in Theology, and Theology of the Human Person. Janet’s research interests are varied and include the integration of science (especially psychology) and Christianity. Her book publications include Cleansing the Cosmos: A Biblical Model for Conceptualizing and Counteracting Evil (Pickwick, 2012), Holy Housekeeping (Essence, 2017), All Things Wise and Wonderful: A Christian Understanding of How and Why Things Happen (Wipf & Stock, 2021), and Singing into Splintered Spaces: The Rhythms of Mission and Spiritual Discipline (Cascade, 2022).

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