Biologos Conference Highlights: Wright, Collins, & Crouch

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The TWU Faith & Science Club and our CSCA Vancouver Chapter are hosting a remote viewing of three back-to-back plenary lectures from the Biologos 2017 conference in Houston, Texas.



3 Biologos 2017 Highlight Lectures

Come view 3 back-to-back lectures on Christianity & evolution, freshly recorded from the Biologos 2017 Conference in Houston. Or drop in for just one! These lectures will not technically be “live,” but very recently filmed during the Biologos 2017 conference March 29 – 31. We have purchased group live-streaming rights for the conference, but given the time difference it is more convenient to show them in this way.

Location: Northwest Auditorium, Trinity Western University

Optional: attendees are invited to join us at 8 AM in TWU’s Main Cafeteria for breakfast (not covered). (building 4 in the map linked below)


9 AM: N. T. Wright – “Christ and Creation: Exploring the Paradox”
New Testament and Early Christianity Scholar, University of St. Andrews 

10 AM (appx): Francis Collins – “Christ in Creation: Exploring the World of Science”
Medical Researcher, Founder of BioLogos

11 AM (appx) Andy Crouch – “The Good News About Science, Scientists, and Everything Else”
Author & Communications Strategist, John Templeton Foundation

Coffee & Refreshments Provided!

Attendees are also invited to join us for a lunch (at a restaurant to be determined) afterwards for an informal debrief. CSCA will cover the lunches for paying CSCA Members (non-Student members).

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