CSCA’s “Faith and Science, Eh?” pamphlets are provided as a courtesy to help Canadians explore intersections of science and Christian faith in a variety of areas. These pamphlets are often freely available at our local chapter events around the country. Each pamphlet reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of CSCA staff or members. These pamphlets may be downloaded, printed, and distributed free of charge. If you are interested in contributing a pamphlet for CSCA, please contact our pamphlet series editor, Mark McEwan (

What Is the CSCA?

Purposeful Randomness in God’s Creation

by Chris Barrigar

Did Copernicus Dethrone the Earth?

by Dennis Danielson

Earth Science & Christian Faith

by Bob Geddes

Quantum Physics, Reductionism, & God’s Knowledge

by Arnold E. Sikkema

Genomic Evidence for Evolution

by Dennis Venema

Understanding Creation in the Bible

by E. Janet Warren

Can We Trust Carbon Dating?

by Ken Wolgemuth

Radiometric Dating & Tectonic Plates

by Ken Wolgemuth

Ecology & the Necessity of Death

by John Wood

For more pamphlets on science and faith, please see the excellent “Thinking About…” series from our UK Affiliate, Christians in Science.