There are two ways to renew your membership:

    1. Through the American Scientific Affiliation’s Website (USD). (Recall that CSCA membership is ASA membership.) This is the most direct way to renew, and it saves CSCA some money (see  2. below). Once you have logged in at, you will see the “My Profile” box on the left. Click on “Membership Info (Renew),” and follow the instructions. There is opportunity there to change your status or provide a donation for the CSCA. The fee is charged in US funds. Note: if your membership has been expired for some time, you may not be able to log in to the ASA system in order to renew. If this is the case, please do not create a new account. Instead, please contact Mark ( for assistance.


  1. By Cheque (CAD). The most economical option for our members to renew is via a cheque in Canadian dollars. At this time, CSCA is covering the conversion rate difference for renewals paid in CAD. For example, Regular ASA membership costs $85 USD/year: when CSCA members renew for $85 CAD, CSCA pays ASA the remaining $15 USD or so. If you send a cheque, please clearly indicate (in the memo or otherwise) that this is your renewal, so we know it is not a donation. You may combine your renewal fee with a donation into a single cheque, but, again, please make the specific designations clear on the cheque (more on donations below).
The Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation
P.O. Box 63082
University Plaza
Dundas, Ontario
L9H 6Y3

Donations vs. Renewals

A number of members prefer to make a donation at the same time as their renewal. Please note the following:

  • Receipts for USD donations through made to CSCA (not to ASA) are converted back to Canadian funds, using the average annual rate.
  • Cheques: Any donation amount included in a CAD cheque to the CSCA office goes directly to the CSCA, and a receipt is provided.
  • Our Preference: You are encouraged to use our online donation methods at CanadaHelpsCanadaHelps cannot be used for renewals.