This is a list of CSCA members who are willing (schedules permitting) to speak anywhere in Canada. To request a speaker, please email Mark McEwan (

Belicki, Kathryn, Ph.D.
  • Professor of Psychology, Brock University
  • Areas of Research: Dreams; Nightmares; Trauma; Forgiveness; “Disenfranchised” grief (grief that is not socially validated)
  • Speaking Topics: Any of the research areas; Christian Perspectives on Suffering; God & Healing; Reconciling Science & Christianity; Responding to Atheists; Why Pray?
  • Location: Niagara region & Grey-Bruce counties, ON
Chris Barrigar, Ph.D. (Philosophy)
  • Pastor, St. Peter's Anglican Church
  • Areas of Research: Philosophy of religion, of science, and of social science
  • Speaking Topics: “The Agape/Probability Account of God’s Creation," “God and the Recovery of Ultimate Meaning in a Materialist Age”
  • Location: Montreal, QC
Geddes, Robert (Bob), M.Sc. M.Div.
  • Retired Presbyterian Minister, former Geologist
  • Areas of Research: Sir J. William Dawson; Early Life on Earth; Martian Microbes; Astrobiology and Faith; Presbyterian Science and Faith History
  • Speaking Topics: God, Science and Evangelism; Astrobiology: A link in the Science and Faith Dialogue; Early Life on Earth and Mars: An Inter-related Story
  • Location: Hamilton, ON
Janssen, Luke J., Ph.D.
  • Professor of Medicine, McMaster University
  • Areas of Research: Lung Physiology; Airway Diseases; Electrical and chemical signaling between Cells; Contraction and migration/movement of cells
  • Speaking Topics: Science & Faith; Creation vs. Evolution; Human Origins; The Biology of Belief: How we’re wired to perceive God
  • Location: Hamilton, ON
Mann, Robert, Ph.D.
  • Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Waterloo
  • Areas of Research: Gravitation; Quantum Physics; and the overlap between these two subjects
  • Speaking Topics:
  • Location: Waterloo, ON
Peterson, James C., Ph.D.
  • Professor of Christian Ethics and Director of the Benne Center for Religion & Society, Roanoke College
  • Areas of Research: Bioethics; Ethics of human genetic intervention
  • Speaking Topics:
  • Location: Salem, VA
Pointon, Barry, Ph.D.
  • Physics Instructor, BCIT, Adjunct Professor of Physics, Trinity Western University
  • Areas of Research: Collaborator on the HALO supernova neutrino detector experiment; Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging
  • Speaking Topics: The Place of Humans and Persons in the Scientific Story of the Universe; Modern Physics; Astronomy & Christianity; Interactions of Science and Religion.
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
Schuurman, Derek, Ph.D.
  • Computer Scientist, Engineer, Author
  • Areas of Research: Faith & Technology
  • Speaking Topics: Faith & Computer Technology; Technology & the Biblical Story; Responsible Automation; Computing for schools in developing nations
  • Location: Hamilton, ON
Sikkema, Arnold, Ph.D.
  • Professor of Physics, Trinity Western University
  • Areas of Research: Emergence & Reductionism; Philosophy of Biophysics
  • Speaking Topics: Quantum Physics & Christianity; Uses and Abuses of Science in Apologetics; Science, Scripture, & the Origins Conversation
  • Location: Langley, BC
Sollereder, Bethany, Ph.D.
  • Associate Faculty Member, Theology and Religion, University of Oxford
  • Areas of Research: Science and Religion; Theodicy; Evolution and Evil; Old Testament
  • Speaking Topics: Genesis and Evolution; Biblical interpretation; Death before the Fall; Non-human Animal Suffering; the Nature of Divine Love; Charles Darwin; Human Suffering
  • Location: Oxford, England
Venema, Dennis, Ph.D.
  • Professor of Biology, Trinity Western University
  • Areas of Research: Genomics
  • Speaking Topics: Christianity & Evolution; Evidence for Evolution
  • Location: Langley, BC
Warren, Janet., M.D., Ph.D. (Theology)
  • Family Physician (Psychotherapy), Independent Scholar (Theology)
  • Areas of Research: Theology/Psychology Integration; Charismatic Theology; Discernment; Healing; Causality
  • Speaking Topics: Theology of Creation; Healing & Deliverance; Evil & Suffering; Theology/Psychology Integration; Medicine/Theology Integration; Metaphor in Science & Religion; Causality in Creation & Christianity, Cognitive Processing & Discernment; Neuroscience & Prayer
  • Location: Hamilton, ON