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The Hamilton Science and Faith Forum and the CSCA present a public lecture by Rev. Dan Rudisill (Ph.D. cand., Institute for Christian Studies).

“Talking it Out: Fruitful Dialogue in Science & Religion”

Location: Hurlburt Hall (Room 136), McMaster Divinity College
Refreshments to follow!

Abstract: The relationship between science and religion is one of the most popular and explosive topics in our culture, but there has been very little true dialogue between opposing viewpoints–even within the Christian tradition. This is most unfortunate and need not be the case. In this talk, Rev. Dan Rudisill will discuss his own experience as an evolutionary creationist teaching and interacting with students from several different viewpoints on the relation to science and religion. He will relate several ways in which he has developed modes of successful and fruitful exchange with those holding different viewpoints.

Rev. Dan Rudisill serves on CSCA’s Executive Council as our Student and Early Career Member. He hails from Pennsylvania, and came with his wife Hannah to Canada so he could work towards his PhD in Philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto. Dan received his M.A.R. from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in Systematic Theology & Ethics. He has a deep interest in the history of science and the so-called “science-religion debate,” which has guided his work from his undergraduate days at Messiah College through to his current doctoral research, which is focused on the philosophical and theological intersection between ontology and the Reformational concept of Creation Order. Dan is currently the Dean of Word & Spirit Revival Training Centre, housed at Promise of Life Church in Mississauga, Ontario where he and his wife now reside.

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  1. Hi Dr. Rudisill

    On viewing your YouTube ‘Science and Religion’ video and other videos from the CSCA, I became aware that the attempt is made to build agreements, to recognize the other point of view and to be self-critical. The assumption here is that both are correct. What if the reason for not finding agreements is that both are wrong?

    People are unwilling to learn something new if it clashes with what they have always accepted as True. Accepting something as True doesn’t make it True. ‘Ask Eve’. Truth stands on its own.

    Inspired by Jacob Boehme, an attempt is made to explain Divinity, human consciousness and the Four Forces of Nature as one. The book; Truth and the Reality Experience: The Seven Principles of Eternal Nature is published (free access) at

    Would you believe these words are similar?
    Love, selflessness, light, truth, the good.
    Wrath, selfishness, darkness, falsehood, the evil.

    Would you believe these words are similar?
    God the Father, Divine Will, human will, fire, the strong nuclear force.
    God the mother, Divine Wisdom, human wisdom, water, gravity matter.
    God the Son, Divine Wisdom, human wisdom, earth, gravity force in electromagnetic
    Holy Spirit, Divine Reason, human reasoning, air, electromagnetic matter.
    (“What one man calls God, another calls the laws of Physics.”-Nikola Tesla)

    “All” are thought-forms in the Abyssal mind of God. Thought-forms take no space, are in the same space (superposition), with no distance between them (entanglement). They behave in a quantum physics world. Solid matter is really ‘perceptible solid matter though-forms’. Only with solid matter thought-forms is the illusion of distance and space between thought-forms. The electromagnetic mind makes solid matter thought-forms perceptible by the solid matter brain in a classical physics world.

    For Example:
    Evolution happens in the Multiple Element Dimension. This Dimension forms the earth mind as the Spiritus Mundi and the human mind. New evolutionary changes manifest from the Spiritus Mundi to the perceptible solid matter earth body substantiality. The human mind manifests changes to the solid matter brain/body.

    From the True Creation, to the end of times has 26 Beginnings, Dimensions or Worlds. Each Beginning has the seven principles. The Big Bang was Dimension 11. Dimension 15 was the Genesis story as the restoration of the Heavenly One Element kingdom. The Great Flood story was Dimension 20. We are currently between Dimension 22 and 23.

    Joseph Tavano

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