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My early interest in science was piqued in a grade 11 chemistry course when students often came to me for Read more
I chose computer science because I wanted to learn techniques to create websites, analyze big data, and come up with Read more
Well, that is a story! My journey to an academic life was neither pre-destined nor a random walk. Yet looking Read more
By default: I was in a BSc degree at McGill, and psychology was the closest discipline in Science to theology. Read more
I was fascinated by math as a fantastic tool for explaining how the world works, and I like to break Read more
TWU• Corpus Christi College • UBC In November, Andrew Davison will give three talks in the Vancouver area. One of Read more
I am not a scientist. But I preach and write about science-illumined texts because I want to know God more Read more
I like to think that my discipline chose me. After studying biological and health sciences as an undergraduate student and Read more
Maybe because I was accident-prone and had a number of hospital visits as a youth, I grew up with a Read more

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