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Probably the best answer is that I was motivated by the desire to do something interesting while I earn my Read more
When I was a kid, I always loved problem solving. Originally, this led to my favourite subject being math. As Read more
I almost feel that my scientific discipline chose me. My interests in university were biology and chemistry, but I always Read more
I chose mathematical physics, and later atmospheric physics, for a discipline since I'm fascinated by the ability to model physical Read more
I had a great high school Computer Science teacher who arranged to send my FORTRAN programs on punch cards for Read more
As a kid, I voraciously read computer and business magazines, so it felt natural to progress from a degree in Read more
I was fascinated with insects of life of all kinds since about age eight, so I wanted to become an Read more
I was an electronics hobbyist and ham radio operator as a teenager and learned to code on some of the Read more
I chose biology because I fell in love with bugs and frogs and collected them endlessly as a child (much Read more

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