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I chose biology out of a love for biodiversity, a desire to better understand evolution and how it might affect Read more
I grew up surrounded by plants at my parents' garden centre, and I loved science, so it just made sense Read more
When I was a child, I never knew there was such a thing as computer science. I was interested in Read more
I loved dinosaurs as a kid, and I never outgrew them. Their pre-human history, incomplete fossil record, and unfamiliar anatomy Read more
Well, I’ve had many and I think I’m still choosing! I studied psychology because human thoughts and behaviours are fascinating, Read more
Since I'm a pastor, my scientific interest is a sideline to my basic profession and vocation. It basically got started Read more
As a teen, my first job was as assistant to the local veterinarian where I found working with animals fascinating. Read more
Well, like many other CSCA members, I am not a scientist. I am a seminary student (graduating May 2023 if Read more
I have been fascinated by science since I was a kid. I remember watching astronauts on television and desiring to Read more

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