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Here is a list of upcoming science-faith events. We aim to include as many details here as early as possible. Local CSCA chapter events are listed here with a teal background. Events that officially apply to multiple CSCA chapters (nearby or not) are in orange. Online ASA local chapter events, including live-streams, are in blue. As a courtesy, we also occasionally list non-CSCA events of interest in grey. Missing infomation (e.g. time, location) means that these details are still TBA. If you would like to submit something to be listed here, please contact our Digital Media and Communications Specialist.

Diving Deeper Discussions (PCSF): Diving Deeper Discussion (Online)
Jun 10 2023

Randy Isaac, Stephen Freeland, & John Wood
"Rethinking Abiogenesis: Part III, Meaning in the Light of Complexity, Information, and Simplification"

Saturday | 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT | Zoom

Winnipeg, MB: 50th Anniversary Presidential Lecture
Jun 16 2023

Janet Warren
"Something Has Gone Wrong: Commonalities Between Addiction and Sin"

Friday | 2:00 pm | Hanna Centre (Lecture Theatre), Providence University College

Winnipeg, MB: 50th Anniversary Presidential Lecture
Jun 17 2023

Janet Warren
"Science and Christianity: Not What, but Who and How We Know"

Saturday | 7:00 pm | St. John's College (Room 118), University of Manitoba | Coffee, Tea, and Cookies Provided

Non-CSCA Online Event of Interest
Jun 20 2023

Carmen Joy Imes (ESN Conversation)
"Being God’s Image"

Tuesday | 3:00 pm EDT | Zoom

Jun 25 2023

Institute on Religion in an Age of Science
"The Wizards of Climate Change: How Can Technology Serve Hope and Justice?"

Sun, Jun 25 - Sun, Jul 02

Jul 28 2023

"Moving Forward Together: The Future of Science and Faith"

Fri, Jul 28 - Mon, Jul 31 | University of Toronto Mississauga

Past Events

  • Oct 24, 2008 - (Hamilton, ON) "CSCA Annual General Meeting."
  • Oct 24, 2008 - (Hamilton, ON) Robert Mann: "Time and Eternity."

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