What is CSCA’s relationship with the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA)?

One way to think about CSCA is that we are the expression of ASA in Canada. For a number of reasons, in 1973 group of ASA members in Canada formed CSCA with our own Executive Council. Among other things, this made it possible for Canadians to give tax-deductible donations in Canadian Dollars. (Read more about our history.) Every CSCA member is an ASA member, and every ASA member residing in Canada is automatically a CSCA member.

What is CSCA’s view on the age of the earth, origins, and evolution?

CSCA / ASA members vary on this matter. So there is no official CSCA view on this matter–or any matter that is not addressed in our Statement of Faith. Please see “Our Approach” in the “About” section.

What am I endorsing by attending (or advertising, or hosting) a CSCA event?

At most, you are endorsing the idea that there should be a respectful, open forum for folks to discuss differing views on Christianity and science. Please see “Our Approach.”

When will the video be posted from the event I attended on ____ ?

There is no set schedule for this. It depends on how many other things we have going on. However, if you click the “event emails” link at the top of our web site, you can choose to be notified by email when new videos are posted.