CSCA’s YouTube Channel – many lectures on science and faith around Canada have been recorded and posted here.

CSCA’s “Faith and Science, Eh?” Pamphlets – we have created a number of pamphlets on science-faith topics — free to print and distribute!

Cover of PSCF December 2011 issueCSCA works with ASA in producing a quarterly peer-reviewed scholarly journal, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith. The current editor is James Peterson, past president of CSCA.

Other Resources on Science & Christianity

Free Online Course: “Science & Religion 101” – Denis O. Lamoureux

  • Introduction to Instructor (5 mins):
  • Overview of Topics (15 mins):
  • “This course examines the nature of both science and religion and attempts to explore the possible relationships between them. The primary purpose is to dispel the popular myth that science and religion are entrenched in a never-ending conflict. As a result, this course argues that if the limits of both science and religion are respected, then their relationship can be complementary.”


  1. I’m having fun searching the various links and journals etc. What a wonderful tool for our students around the world to study with the best as they read through this, ASA, CiS etc.

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