Current Calls

Here is a list of submission opportunities related to science and religion (not limited to Canada). Those officially related to CSCA are in orange (conferences) and green. Others are listed in grey. Where applicable, entries are arranged according to event date, not the submission due date. Missing infomation (e.g. time, location) means that these details are still TBA. If you would like to submit something to be listed here, please contact our Digital Media and Communications Specialist.

Disclaimer: While CSCA strives for excellence, it is always possible that, by mistake, we might list a call for submissions by a predatory/deceptive publisher. Unfortunately, there are money-seeking organizations that prey on inexperienced scholars. These groups will produce journals (usually open access) and even host conferences under the guise of peer-review and legitimate academic interests. Click here for more information on deceptive journals.

There is no need to check up on conferences hosted by prominent, well-known, trusted science-religion groups, such as ASA, CSCA, Biologos, Christians in Science (CiS), the Ian Ramsey Centre, etc. But if you don’t recognize and trust the organization, CSCA recommends checking into it before registering or submitting anything.

Past and Present Calls for Submissions

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S. D. Benecchi (PhD, MIT) is a senior astronomer at the Planetary Science Institute. Her research focuses on small bodies, Read more