“Human Doings or Human Beings”: McMaster lecture by James Rusthoven

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Human Doings or Human Beings: Development of Personhood within Western Culture

James Rusthoven

Dr. James Rusthoven

a public lecture by Dr. James Rusthoven

ABSTRACT: The concept of personhood can be traced back to ancient Greek and early Christian times. With major re-conceptions during and after the Enlightenment, our contemporary Western concepts of personhood mold biomedical ethical thinking regarding issues as diverse as the moral status of the unborn and end-of-life decisions. In this presentation, current concepts of personhood will be laid out, including physicalist, Christian, and Buddhist views, and their influence on biomedical ethical reflection and decision making will be discussed. Current events and cases will be used to illustrate the importance of understanding personhood today.

BIO:James Rusthoven is a practicing medical oncologist and professor of oncology at McMaster University. As a graduate of the University of Illinois medical school in Chicago, he trained in infectious diseases and oncology in both the US and Canada. In recent years he has done graduate work in bioethics, receiving degrees in bioethics (MHSc, U of Toronto) and theology (Trinity College-Bristol, UK). He currently teaches medical students, offers courses in bioethics, gives presentations on a variety of bioethical topics in university and seminary courses, campus groups, and churches. He also publishes on topics related to covenantal ethics.

Location: University Club – lower dining room, Alumni Memorial Building, McMaster University. (Note: the 4:15pm start allows for reduced campus parking rates commencing at 4pm.)

Sponsored by the Hamilton Area Science & Religion Forum and the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation.

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