Tallis at TWU, Human Freedom & the Laws of Nature

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FREE PUBLIC EVENT: Trinity Western University’s Philosophy Dept. Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation, TWU’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Regent College’s James M. Houston Centre for Humanity and the Common Good, and the Issachar Foundation present an in-person lecture with Raymond Tallis (Philosopher, Poet, Novelist Cultural Critic, and a Retired Medical Physician and Clinical Neuroscientist).


Raymond Tallis
"Is there room for human freedom in a universe seemingly governed by the laws of nature?"

Friday | 7:00 pm PDT | DeVries Centre (DeVries Auditorium), Trinity Western University

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Is There Room for Human Freedom in a Universe Seemingly Governed by the Laws of Nature?

Raymond Tallis’ lecture will reopen the pressing question of whether there is any room for human freedom in a world whose events are seemingly necessitated by physical laws. To refute the popular scientistic claim that human freedom is merely a comforting illusion, Dr. Tallis will argue it is the actuality of human freedom that has made possible our sciences themselves. Come freely to this world-renowned polymath’s plain-language lecture that will surely reinvigorate your own human freedom.

Raymond C. Tallis (FMEDSCI FRCAP FRSA) is a philosopher, poet, novelist, cultural critic, and a retired medical physician and clinical neuroscientist. He has published over 36 books, the latest of which is Freedom: An Impossible Reality?


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