Physics at the Theological Frontiers

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Robert MannScience is constantly moving. Dr. Robert Mann, professor of physics at the University of Waterloo and former president of both the Canadian Association of Physicists and the CSCA, has written an intriguing description of the latest developments in physics along with insights and challenges that they may raise for Christian faith. The essay is provided here and is intended as an invitation. Readers are encouraged to take up one of the insights or challenges, or maybe a related one that was not mentioned, and draft an article (typically about 5,000 words) that contributes to the conversation. These can be sent to Dr. Mann at He will send the best essays on to peer review and then we will select from those for publication in a physics theme issue of Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith. For full consideration for inclusion in the theme issue, manuscripts should be received electronically before 31 December 2012.

For those readers who prefer to take a literary approach in sharing their ideas, please submit essays (up to 3,000 words), poetry, fiction, or humour inspired by Mann’s invitational essay to for possible publication in God and Nature magazine.

Looking forward to hearing your perspectives,

James C. Peterson
President of CSCA


  1. A fantastic paper. Highly needed for connecting Christianity with a new generation looking for up-to-date answers.
    I’m writing an essay about it for a course I’m taking towards a Masters Degree in Theological Studies.

    Neil Kazen,
    M.Eng.; M.Sc. (Physics),
    P.Eng., Consulting Engineer
    MTS student

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