Dielschneider in Western Canada: Vaccine Hesitancy

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FREE PUBLIC EVENT: CSCA’s Calgary chapter invites all Prairie-province chapters (plus BC) to join for an online lecture by Rebecca Dielschneider (Assistant Professor of Biology, Providence University College). Everyone is welcome.

Online Lecture

"Vaccine Hesitancy: Christian Reasons & Responses"

Wednesday | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm MDT | Zoom | Registration Required (free)

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Vaccine Hesitancy: Christian Reasons & Responses

Vaccine hesitancy is thriving even amid a pandemic. This threatens global health. Understanding the reasons for vaccine hesitancy, especially in Christian and religious groups where it appears to be prevalent, is necessary. This talk will summarize common reasons for vaccine hesitancy and propose factual and logical responses. These responses may be most effective when combined with interventions that include empathy. Christians, who seek truth and love, may be well poised to enact such responses.

Rebecca Dielschneider (PhD, University of Manitoba) is Assistant Professor of Biology at Providence University College in Otterburne, Manitoba. She teaches biological and health sciences and has research interests in the pedagogy of immunology and the understanding of vaccine hesitancy.

Rebecca was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She obtained a Bachelor of Science, Honours, with Co-op in Microbiology and Immunology at Dalhousie University. She worked at the National Microbiology Laboratory and Immunovaccine Technologies Incorporated. Rebecca graduated with a PhD in the Department of Immunology from the University of Manitoba in 2016. She was a student leader, won research and presentations awards, and is one of Manitoba’s Future 40 Under 40. She also leads CSCA’s local chapter in Winnipeg.

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