Dickin at McMaster: “Bridging the Gap between Christian Fundamentalism and Scientific Rationalism: Time to go back to the Reformation?”

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A free public lecture at McMaster University, Friday 19 April 2013, 4:15pm.

Can there be a view of origins that bridges the gap between Christian Fundamentalism and Scientific Rationalism? The Evangelical community aspires to construct such a bridge, but its achievements have fallen short of the ideal: Many Evangelicals believe that the faith of Adam and Noah, if real, died out before the time of Abraham. But if God’s plan of revelation failed, how and why were these stories included in the Bible?

The Reformers (Luther and Calvin) both believed in the continuity of a Faith Community throughout history. Their high view of the action of God in history is consistent with the aspirations of Fundamentalists, but they also had an understanding of the multicultural nature of ancient religion that is refreshingly rational. If we combine their insightful theology with modern archaeological evidence, a clearer picture may emerge of the origins of Abraham’s faith.

SPEAKER: Dr. Alan Dickin, School of Geography and Earth Sciences – McMaster U.

LOCATION: Burke Science Building Room B103, (South Door), Centre campus, McMaster University

This public lecture is sponsored by the Hamilton Area Science & Religion Forum and CSCA.

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