Sollereder in Edmonton: Animal Suffering, Evolution, & God

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FREE PUBLIC EVENT: The CSCA presents a lecture by Bethany Sollereder (Postdoctoral Fellow in Science & Religion, University of Oxford).


Bethany Sollereder (Science & Religion, Oxford)
"Animal Suffering: God & Pain in the Evolutionary Story"

Thursday | 3:30 pm | L-116, The King's University | With Refreshments

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Animal Suffering: God & Pain in the Evolutionary Story

This talk will address the question of animal suffering in evolutionary history. Unlike the pain caused by deforestation, intense farming, or climate change, much animal suffering in evolutionary history happened long before humans were around to cause harm. How can earth’s long history of violence, suffering, and death be reconciled with a good and loving God as creator? Sollereder will introduce the variety of approaches used by theologians to tackle this difficult question.

Bethany Sollereder is a research coordinator at the University of Oxford. She specializes in theology concerning evolution and the problem of suffering. Bethany received her Ph.D in theology from the University of Exeter and an MCS in interdisciplinary studies from Regent College, Vancouver. She was the student and early career rep for CSCA before going to England.

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