Ross at King’s (Western), Toward an Integral Ecology

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CSCA folks near London, Ontario may be interested in a lecture presented by the Institute for Ongoing Formation by Michael Ross.

Towards an Integral Ecology: Exploring the Ecotheological Background and Themes of Laudato Si’

Michael Ross, Ph.D. (cand.)

Elliott Allen Institute of Theology and Ecology
University of St. Michael’s College

Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato si’ has already become one of the most widely read encyclicals of all time and will potentially have a major influence on environmental attitudes and actions inside and outside of the Church. While the encyclical does contain some new ways of articulating official Roman Catholic teachings on social and environmental issues, there is a common misconception amongst many religious and non-religious people alike that Pope Francis’s ecological emphasis is an entirely new development in the Catholic tradition. This presentation will attempt to show otherwise, exploring the sources of the encyclical’s ecological themes, past Church statements on environmental issues, and the ecotheology and eco-justice movements that have been developing for the last few decades. Along the way, we will touch on other important themes such as dialogue, consumerism, the relationship between science and religion, and the psychological dimensions of climate change. (Source)

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