Sikkema in Otterburne, Quantum Physics & Christianity

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Providence University College and Theological Seminary and the CSCA present a lecture by CSCA President Arnold Sikkema as part of our National Lecture Tour.

“Quantum Physics and Christianity”

Location: Lecture Theatre, Providence University College & Theological Seminary

NOTE: If you cannot make this event, note that Arnold is giving the same talk in Winnipeg at 7:15 PM the same day.

Abstract: About 100 years ago, physics left behind a Newtonian mechanical universe picture to investigate a cosmos of uncertainty, probability, indeterminism, subjectivity, and holism. This talk will explore resonances with and challenges to Christian theological and philosophical perspectives presented by quantum physics, closing with thoughts on human, divine, and biological agency.

More information about Arnold and this talk can be found on our National Tour Page.

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