TWU Faith and Science Week 2014

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Event Details

We are helping promote Trinity Western University’s “Faith and Science Week”, a student-organised event on campus this week. Details were just available this morning. See as well, for Facebook users to Join and Share and Invite Friends.

Faith and Science Week: “Identity and Ethical Issues in the Sciences”

7-8pm Tuesday 11 March, North-West Auditorium – Dr. Arnold Sikkema (Physics)
“Uses and Abuses of Science in Apologetics”

Science plays a significant role in today’s culture, and many cite science as their reason to reject the gospel. This session will equip Christians who wish to reach through that barrier with an understanding of the actual claims of science, as well as its methods and limitations, by addressing head-on a number of incorrect ideas about science which are prevalent both in the church and in the broader world.

6:15-7:15pm Wednesday 12 March, Neufeld 148 (Block Hall) – Dr. Dennis Venema (Genetics)
“Just Who Do We Think We Are? Exploring Human Identity in Light of Evolution”

As more and more evidence points to evolution as a viable mechanism of life, Christian scientists are asking themselves about the implications on identity and religion. This session will focus on the identity of people in light of evolution, linking biblical understanding and scientific knowledge, addressing the issue of “what does evolution say about us.”

7-8pm Thursday March 13, Neufeld 148 (Block Hall) – Dr. Paul Brown (Environmental Chemistry)
“Ethical Service in the Environmental Sciences: Stories from Honduras”

Science is about trying to understand the creation, but also can help people in practical ways. A direct and obvious sort of way it helps is in medicine. But there are other ways it may help, such as providing knowledge that can be translated into economic benefit for those who have little, or in finding workable solutions to problems in poorer nations. Examples of work in progress involving people and plants from Honduras will be included.

Refreshments Provided

Pay parking is available nearby. TWU campus map is at – Tuesday the event is in bldg #28 and Wednesday & Thursday in bldg #9.

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