Regent College: Faith & Science Course

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CSCA folks near Vancouver may be interested to attend this summer course at Regent College on faith and science.

Regent College Summer Course

Faith & Science: Exploring the Connections

With Dr. Andrew Loke
Research Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong
MBBS (National University of Singapore), MA (Biola University), PhD (King’s College London)

Jun 5–Jun 9

Many Christians struggle to reconcile faith and science. Several areas give rise to confusion: questions around the origin of the universe and Darwinian evolution; arguments that faith hinders (or motivates) scientific progress; and suggestions that miracles, even God himself, may be explained away as scientific knowledge continues to increase. Join us as we face those questions head-on, examining theological and historical links and determining whether science and Christian faith can be reconciled.

LokeAndrew Loke is Research Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong. He did his PhD at King’s College London under professor Alister McGrath. He is the author of ‘The Origin of Divine Christology’ (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming), ‘Science and Christian Faith’ (Ethos), and numerous articles on science and religion published in leading academic journals. (Source)

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