Venema at Regent, Adam & the Genome

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FREE PUBLIC EVENT: Dennis Venema (Professor of Biology, Trinity Western University) will be guest lecturer in Ross Hastings and Ashley Moyse’s “Science & Theology” Course at Regent College.

Mar 14 2018

Dennis Venema (Biology, Trinity Western University)
"Adam & the Genome"

Wednesday | 6:30 pm - 9:20 pm | Room 13 (Downstairs, through doors, adjacent to mail boxes), Regent College | Part of Hastings and Moyse's "Science & Theology" Course | Visitors Welcome

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Adam and the Genome: What Our DNA Says (and Doesn’t Say) about Our Origins

To be followed by discussion with Ross Hastings.

Many Christians believe that humans are direct, supernatural creations who did not result from an evolutionary process. Additionally, many Christians hold that all humans today descend uniquely from a single ancestral couple: Adam and Eve. These strongly-held convictions are now under pressure, namely from genomics evidence that indicates humans evolved and descend from a large population, rather than from a single pair. Is it possible that God used evolution as a means of creation? Or should Christians resist this evidence? What about intelligent design? This talk will explore the genomics evidence and consider its implications for evangelical faith and witness.

Dennis R. Venema (Ph.D. University of British Columbia) is Professor of Biology at Trinity Western University and Fellow of Biology for the BioLogos Foundation. He is co-author, with Scot McKnight, of Adam and the Genome: Reading Scripture After Genetic Science (Brazos, 2017). His research focuses on the genetics of pattern formation using the common fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. He also writes and speaks widely on the intersection of evolutionary biology and Christian faith.


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