Vander Meulen at McMaster, “Mathematics as Cultural Activity”

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A public lecture with Dr. Kevin Vander Meulen, Professor of Mathematics, Redeemer University College.

SUMMARY: While many Christians hold to a Platonic view of mathematics, I will present an alternative Christian view that is rooted in the neo-Kuyperian tradition. This tradition rejects reductionist tendencies in the philosophy of mathematics in favour of a holistic view, rooted in Biblical themes. While mathematics is sometimes seen as a secular, neutral discipline, it has not always been so. I plan to explore the non-neutral character of mathematics.

SPEAKER: Kevin Vander Meulen is professor of mathematics at Redeemer University College (Ph.D. Queens U. 1995). He co-authored the chapter ‘Ontology’ in the book Mathematics through the Eyes of Faith. He enjoys teaching as well as doing mathematical research with students. He attends Meadowlands Fellowship Christian Reformed Church, the first church in Ontario with a geothermal heating system. Winter fun includes skating in the local park with his family.

Presented by The Hamilton Area Science and Religion Forum and CSCA.

LOCATION: Room A114 John Hodgins Engineering Building, South Entrance, McMaster University.

DATE: Friday 27 February 2015, 4:15-5:45pm. (Please note: the 4:15 start allows for the reduced campus parking rates which commence at 4:00 pm.)

For more information, contact: Dr. Donald McNally, CSCA Executive Director 905.570.3006 or Or contact Dr. Michael D. Fallon , Christian Reformed Campus Ministry, 905.525.9140 x24123.

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