Janssen in Waterloo, Faith & Science

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FREE PUBLIC EVENT: Waterloo Campus Ministry and the CSCA present a lecture by Luke Janssen (Professor of Medicine, McMaster University).


Luke Janssen
"Faith & Science: Conflicting or Complementary?"

Thursday | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm | QNC (0101), University of Waterloo

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Faith & Science: Conflicting or Complementary?

For many Christians, the university is a very difficult place to hold on to belief, let alone practice it openly. The first year on campus is often quite an eye-opener, with challenges coming from new and very different ideas, philosophies, religions, and value systems. One of the biggest barriers is the perceived conflict between Faith and Science. This is also true for non-believers: when Christianity comes up in any kind of conversation, it’s usually dismissed as an out-of-date belief which doesn’t stand up to serious thinking and modern science.

Dr. Luke Janssen held a “strong” Christian faith for decades while pursuing a career in medical sciences, but found his entire belief system constantly eroded by the knowledge and philosophies he encountered on campus, and he eventually had to give up the faith he grew up with. But after several years of pursuing the questions and frictions generated between those two major influences in his life, he rediscovered a Christian faith that is entirely compatible with modern science. In fact, it was actually science itself that helped him get to that point. The Faith-versus-Science Debate had become a Faith-and-Science Dialogue, and he wants to share that experience and strategies with students on the University of Waterloo campus. Bring your friends, and your questions, to this exciting event!

Luke Janssen is Professor ofLuke_Janssen Medicine at McMaster University. He has been doing scientific research for 30 years, and has over 140 published papers to his credit. He has also recently published two books on the subject of science and faith. He currently attends MacNab St. Presbyterian Church.

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